Hi there, I’m Leah Butler-Smith.

Welcome to your Enhanced Life!

I’ve been a super fan of all things “Mental Health” since I was a teen and have a particular interest in what motivates or causes “behaviour”. The Good and The BAD!

I’ve always been curious. Learning what makes us tick is something of a passion and at times, a mission.

With a father who suffered with Depression, I wanted to understand if this was something that could happen to me. My father has been absent in my life more than he’s been present. I took that as a painful rejection (and judgement of who I am and my worth) until my training in my late 20’s allowed me to see through a new lens, his own suffering and self rejection. I also learned how a series of Traumas underpinned the often irrational and unpredictable changes in his moods.

As a teen, life was very challenging for a number of reasons. Not just the usual teen stuff but a whole heap of traumas, rejections, anxieties and more.

I was determined to learn what lies beneath mental health challenges and what we can do to both prevent and recover from them.

After my first two children started school, I found myself back in the same roles in Accountancy that I’d been in before (yet I hated maths at school!). I had a hope that I could one day leave the accounting profession and retrain as a Therapist. Fortunately for me, a company I worked for moved location and opportunities for redundancy packages came up. I leapt at the chance to retrain and begin a journey into the world I’d always been fascinated by.

Now in my 50s I’ve spent over two decades dabbling in the deep minds of thousands of motivated clients as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & behaviour analyst.

People taught me more about the mind than any training course, educator or book ever could!

My first practice opened in the newly built office at the back of my then home in Chelmsford Essex. I later moved my practice to Harley Street which attracted clients from all over the world!

As time passed and new ways of working with people 1:1 developed, so my client base expanded to include those in New York, Dubai, Singapore and Europe. Clients could now join me for their sessions using Zoom and Skype from the comfort of their own home or office.

A Vision for Creating Enhanced Life Started in 2010!

One of my clients was an entrepreneur by nature who happened to be CEO of a large publishing company. I was talking casually about how I’d love to find a way to create audio and video examples of sessions, that these would be very helpful additions to the work I did with clients in person.

He thought it a fantastic idea and said he’d invest in the license for every member of his many 100’s of staff as an employee benefit.

From the early seeds, a new vision began to grow. But in those years I had no idea how this would become a reality.

What I really want to build, is a suite of therapeutic tools and resources that can act as a ‘prescription’ for what I would do if working with someone 1:1: that will be affordable and accessible 24/7.

Strange as it may sound - I want some of these resources for myself!

I may ‘know’ how to change my mind, alleviate stressors, disconnect behaviors from beliefs and even rewrite beliefs but doing it ‘on’ yourself is still a challenge.

The tools I am building become a mirror of the ‘sessions’ with guided meditations, guided inner work, thought/belief changing exercises, inner child healing, trauma depotentiation (overcoming trauma) meridian therapy workouts and more!

In 2019 I finally began building the membership site and started adding meditations and hypnosis audios with a very affordable rate of investment.

The membership was due to be transformed into an easy to access app.

Then …

Times Changed

In 2020, as a behaviour analyst and a trainer in influence and persuasion techniques, I saw evidence of propaganda appearing in our media.

I was stunned and confused. I could see how this was affecting my clients and my family.

Out of concern, and as someone who’s used to researching medical journals, and examining health studies for many years, I began researching the Government and health service websites to learn what the truth was. NHS workers I spoke to, expressed their own concerns over the harms these ‘exaggerations’ in the press, were causing their patients.

When the Government then began to talk about shutting down society and cutting people off from their lives, family, work, education in an unprecedented manner, I knew something was off. If this opinion comes as a shock to you, it may be because you haven’t been made aware of the countries with very low vaccine rates, who fared much better and who do not have the very serious high rates of excess deaths of other causes we see in the heavily vaccinated countries.

There are entire countries and whole states in the US who have chosen not to lock their people down nor force through mandates, any non medical intervention nor any experimental treatments rolled out with an emergency use authorisation. Once again, these are live examples of how well following the previous pandemic model went. Which was to provide advice or guidance to those at risk and let the rest of the country continue to use their own wisdom as they do with all other similarly viral infections.

The virus itself had been downgraded on the UK Government website, from a high consequence infectious disease. Which for comparison is the same as flu. The chief science officers repeated the virus would only affect a small percentage of the very elderly (ave age of death 82.4yrs) then at the same time they reinforced the need to lock every citizen up. It made no sense.

I continued researching and as a result of my public questioning, NHS workers from every field of practice, scientists, lawyers and journalists began to connect with me privately to explain some of what they were seeing in their own worlds.

I learned then, there were MPs questioning what was happening but were bamboozled by scientific language and unable to argue for the people’s rights.

I also did something few people did - I read the SAGE documentation and to my horror, realised they put in black and white the plan to use FEAR to “control the public”.

In my profession, I understand the physiological impact on HEALTH of fear. Particularly chronic fear. Which is precisely what was deliberately perpetrated by Government via their funding of news channels throughout the pandemic era.

It was clear there was going to be a lot of damage done by these actions - the toughest thing though, was trying to show people what was true, what was exaggerated and what was a clear lie.

Despite the source of my knowledge being official, often people chose not to look for themselves and seemed hung up on following instructions from mainstream news channels. Yet they simply did not know (nor did I for some time!), the media were actually guarded by Ofcom who used threats to ensure no journalist would either interview or allow any interviewee to challenge the narrative, without being vilified.

Many of those same journalists are now confessing they believed without question the ‘narrative’ but only a tiny few will acknowledge the part they played in terrifying the public, vilifying anyone who didn’t concede and bullying people into taking actions they would never normally choose.

2020, will be a year I will remember for the rest of my life as one of the most distressing and shocking periods and that didn’t end there. I am working on tools to support my own healing and to help others through their healing needs.

A Year of Loss

In early 2021, my mother became very unwell as a direct result of lack of connection, activity, meaning and access to medical services. During the time of ‘trying to save her’, my entire business hub (via websites) was hacked beyond repair!

I also lost my father’s partner, my best friend since childhood, another school friend and my mother’s partner. The last funeral in 2021, was that of my beloved Aunt. A lot has been learned during the past few years about the way the world actually turns.

Many people have suffered challenges to their mental wellbeing like never before. Many young people have found themselves struggling for the first time in their lives. The reason for the scripting of the Free Meditation, is to reinstall hope in people’s minds. We must remain Hopeful for humanity to restore sanity and never again allow draconian measures to forestall their lives.

The Trauma that the unprecedented actions of many western Governments caused, remains palpable.

I’ve been working with a group of like minded people, who care deeply for humanity and have concerns over how things have been shaping up to create a world we don’t recognise. The largest area of my focus is on Health. Transforming the way we see health services and what kind of services we have access to.

My business brand is Enhanced Life.

I have a strong passion for helping people find ways to achieve just that to enhance life. Whether it’s discovering what drives their beliefs, their day to day thinking, their actions and even their inactions; or helping them directly with specific techniques proven to effectively help reset the mind.

The membership site which housed my growing list of meditations and hypnosis recordings was one of the victims of the major hack! In a funny sort of way … it forced me to rethink how my vision would come into being. That’s a lot of work!

To speed up providing a space for my Enhanced Life members, I realised a Substack would provide everything that we need for right now and more! Plus it’s fast becoming a very familiar and popular platform where subscribers find information and educational resources.

So here I am.

My subscribers support the important work I do in supporting campaigners for health truth and health freedom and provide me with the time to rebuild the app version that will host my growing library of professional Meditations, Hypnosis sessions and more.

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Leah Butler-Smith
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