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The OG (original) recordings were made before upgraded software was purchased. Over time existing audios will be re-recorded to enhance sound quality and more.

In the meantime, below is the current list of audios.

You’ll find many have both the daytime Meditation version and a sleep inducing Hypnosis version.

People wonder what’s the difference between Meditation and Hypnosis - in Guided audios, there’s really no difference to the brain activity the audios are designed to illicit.

However the USP of Enhanced Life, is the Meditations will conclude with a guided return to full awareness that provides positive affirmations for a energised state of being and a great day ahead.

Whereas the sleep inducing Hypnosis versions conclude with calm suggestions for a deep and restful sleep whilst your mind works on the life enhancing suggestions within the audio.

Here’s a simple list with links (purple are live) to existing audios (adding new audios regularly):


Meditations - 5 & 10 minute refresh

Become a Powerful Negotiator

Overcome Procrastination

Become a More Confident Parent

Develop Unlimited Confidence

Selling Confidence

Stress Management Strategy


Manage Alcohol Consumption

Sleep Well Hypnosis

Manage Pain Pre Surgery

Lose Weight Successfully

Bonding with Your Unborn Baby in Pregnancy

Preparing for Birth

Stop Early Labour Meditation


Ho'oponopono Poem (coming soon)

Serenity Prayer

Balancing Chakras

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