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I Work With Clients Online From All Over The World

Since the world became a smaller place thanks to connecting in communities online, I have been opening up my sessions using online software tools.

Where once Skype was the ‘new kid on the block’ for therapists, it is now Zoom that is favoured as a private room to meet for therapy sessions.

I’m also a Coach so many of my entrepreneurial clients, work from all over the world and they appreciate the ability to connect from everywhere!

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My Training & Professional Experience

The short version of some of the trainings and professional qualifications and experience I have are listed for convenience below.  You can learn more about my journey, training and other related information below this list.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Advanced)

  • Analytical Hypnotherapy (Advanced. Also known as Hypnoanalysis)

  • NLP Master Practitioner (follows Practitioner Training)

  • NLP Trainer (training others in the use of NLP techniques)

  • Childbirth & Addictions therapy

  • Meridian Therapies (known as 'tapping' eg TFT. EFT & Faster EFT)

  • Psychosensory Techniques such as EMDR & Havening

  • Senoma Technique

  • Breathwork Therapies

  • Trauma, Anxiety & Panic Treatments

I’ve helped thousands of people enhance their lives, whether it be dealing with a specific concern such as a phobia or an anxiety like public speaking or helping them recover from Trauma including childhood neglect or abuse.

If you have something you’d like to resolve or you want to upgrade your confidence, motivation or performance, just click the link & use the forms to get in touch on my practice website.

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